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The Overgrow Dankmaster
10/1/2020 - 8:53PM

#38 : I always like to check out who’s new on WW. I saw they had bubblegum on here for a good price, great reviews. I had my eyes on something else though, but that sold out fast. So came back to try. So I texted. I was like I hope this isn’t too good to be true... They responded fairly quickly. I waited 40 minutes from the time I pulled up. Driver let me know when he’d be there. Very nice guy. Looks good, moderately sticky. Smells like Bubblegum. Very happy with it. May grab another while the getting is good 5/5

Where's Weed user
10/9/2020 - 11:43PM

Was on the hunt for Bubble Gum and saw it here at a very affordable rate. Was reticent at first but dispatch was exceptionally pleasant and informative so I decided to roll the dice. The gamble paid off - strain is clean, organic, fresh, and smells distinctly of original bubble gum. Smoked 40 minutes ago and the result is pure bliss - solid potency level, euphoric, uplifting, coupled with a nice body relaxation on the back end. Evenly balanced overall effect. Driver (Ze) was as cool as they come and even arrived early. To top it all off - got a nice fat free roll! Highly recommend to anyone in the market - high level of professionalism, affable staff, punctual and cordial drivers, and great product for the price. Thanks guys!!

Where's Weed user
11/7/2020 - 11:26AM

They have everything that you could ask for, literally. Quality buds, great deals, and quickest delivery that I’ve ever dealt with. DC Aroma is essentially the Chik Fil A of the delivery services. You don’t have to look any further, these are the guys.

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Glen Corbin B.
12/4/2020 - 1:35PM

HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Friendly knowledgable service. Fast response. Always on time. Discrete meet ups. Fair prices. Great selections. Good varieties. Over all an exceptional business who in my opinion like their customers and it shows. It's always a treat doing business and as long as they have my flavors I won't go anywhere else. Blessings to the staff.

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9/26/2021 - 7:57PM

Used DC Aroma for the first time recently and was very impressed with their communication and friendliness. Definitely going to be going back again!

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Ganjah Mane
8/22/2021 - 9:27PM

The top shelf Animal Cookies is not real weed, it's CBD. I've ordered from this company several times, it's all CBD, be careful, look elsewhere for good quality REAL WEED!!!!!

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Where's Weed user
8/14/2021 - 8:45PM

Person who helped me was super helpful and patient. I highly, highly recommend!!! 😋

Where's Weed user
7/18/2021 - 1:27PM

My dude is so chill , feel like everyone else I’ve used is pushy and always switching it up. This is a definite go to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👍👍

Where's Weed user
7/12/2021 - 9:10PM

Great carts, plus a preroll included in my order, and I only had to wait like 15 min while other sellers usually take 45min or more. Highly recommended!

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johny mehta
7/6/2021 - 8:52AM

DC Aroma consistently has the best product. Drivers are quick. Tried a couple of shops before here and none come close on quality