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In order to be eligible for delivery, we require that the donation total (including $10 delivery surcharge) must be $100 or more.  All other orders can be picked up from our safe, easy to find designated pickup location near Georgetown, DC or...



HELLO and WELCOME to all the kind patrons of D.C. PHARM! D.C. PHARM. is a collective of active licensed medical practitioners in the DMV area who came together to support the highest quality medicine you deserve! Check us out! In order...


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    It's unbelievable how generous these guys are. No service is so customer friendly and genuinely looking out for their clientele like DC Pharm period. Nobody comes close. They are incredibly generous with the extras they give even on my 2nd visit. They even offered to take $10 off my order because of a miscommunication but i couldn't accept out of guilt, since they had already given me some amazing extras. It is sort of funny how i'm sweating 50 vs 45 1/8s given that i tipped and turned some of their generosity down, but i swear there is some psychological price point for me when 1/8's hit $50 vs 40's so thank you DC Pharm for adjusting the menu. I noticed they did that after a reviewer left a comment regarding the prices which shows they're listening to the feedback and really looking out for their customers. I thought they would have to change their business model after selling their stock out so fast by raising prices but they haven't. I mean usually when demand is so high you have to raise prices to not become somewhat dysfunctional with stock. Believe it or not but these guys are sacrificing profits for the sake of their customers. It's crazy to me. If you haven't already you have to use these guys just to see how amazing a WW service can be.

    Oh and i got copper chem, gg4, lemonbansherb, alien, and got to try a little Cin99(thank you so much)...all look crystally, fuzzy/hairy really nice looking stuff. all really nice smokes in their own ways.

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    These guys are amazing......Best company out there, quality is exquisite. Do yourself a favor and try these guys, they are game changers.

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    These words arent enough to describe the convenience and efficiency with D.C. pharm. First off I don't use this app often and when I tried it out the first time it took 4 hours to receive my order, after that it was 3 hours and just shady service and no care for the customer. Now on the greener side of the fence ;) , I tried D.C. pharm and I couldnt believe how fast the delivery time was, less than an hour, sometimes 30 min and the quality is just so top notch that my veteran status is pleased tremendously. They made this an easy process and the staff is extremely friendly and approachable. My last experience the guy just parked in the middle of the road and I had to walk up to the car in a main street which was very shady. All in all you wont regret D.C. pharm and I'm writing this on the metro right now, We are a very special community who just wants quality product, reasonable pricing and efficient time. Know that your business is safe here. Future business shall continue with Glee. Thank you d.c. pharm thank you, thank you.

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    Business reply:

    Thanks for the feedback. We aim to please and glad to hear you enjoyed your order. We're thankful for your patronage! -DCPHARM.

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    Business reply:

    Mannnnn, this guy! The difference is all in the details and we're so glad you got the eyes to notice these things. Most of the kind words you said are genuinely from us having time with friends and family, and discussing how we would want to be treated or have a opportunity to take advantage of the gifting scene in DC. If it doesn't make sense in the real world (i.e. $100 eighths an additional delivery fee), you will never see us do it. We're regular folks with some compassion and a little bit of scientific knowledge. You'd be surprised by how far those traits carry our model and if you ever see it falter, then let us know. We pride ourselves on doing what makes sense and these first 2 months have been fantastic from a feedback standpoint. Respect and care is a two way street, and you great folks have been beyond fantastic. It's our turn to return the favor and really positively shape the outlook we want for you guys, and honestly we embrace the challenge head on! Quality at fair prices is our core objective, we look at the vendor scene through our consumer glasses and really try and offer something that's not there consistently. In the meantime, from our staff to you buddy THANK YOU! -DCPHARM.

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