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Thank You for choosing District Gardens D.C. We are the capitals original adult recreational service. We our now offering courier and meet up service to our member


We started District Gardens in 2014, and since our first day in business, we aimed to bring the best selection of products and merchandise to our customers. Our name has become synonymous with quality throughout the entire Washington D.C. area. We...


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    Very timely and courteous. Kept me informed of all movement . Will see use them again!

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    Best service around. Hands down. Quality service, top shelf products and affordable. Glad I found them for all my medical needs

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    Ordered 5 of the starburst candies which are 150mg each, and 1 pack of the gold fish which is 250mg total. I don't smoke nor eat edibles that often, so I expected my lower tolerance to aid in being able to feel the effects. I've tried other services and on a 50-60mg cookie that'll hit me pretty well, so I was expecting with the active THC levels in these edibles from District Gardens to both work effectively and be able to use them efficiently.

    The first time I tried half a candy it actually worked decently, but these edibles are very hit or miss in quality. One you try may knock you out like I mentioned, but I've had instances eating an entire 150mg candy and very little to nothing happening. Same with the goldfish, eating 3/4 of the pack and little to nothing happening. That's pretty disappointing when you consider the price you're paying.

    I haven't tried their bud, but I think another reviewer shed some light on the fact that certain of these five star reviews may be embellished in some manner. I've tried many of the delivery services in DC and I'd say look elsewhere, it's not worth dropping a lot of cash on these edibles and then dealing with inconsistency. Their courier service is fine, and they keep in touch as well are very pleasant, but at the end of the day it's about quality and it just isn't up to par for DC.

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