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    I dont mean to make a habit but my sense of time is gone... and I blame it on the weed...but with that said, I just want to thank my guy here because they are very professional. They had the diligence to work with me because I missed the order time window but I spoke with them and we worked it out which is a plus... and jut like the customer service. I would rate the bud 10/10 so far from what I ordered and I came here 3 times. I even ordered the hoodie which is also nice quality. Doesnt feel cheap, not thin and soft. I had better bud HERE than some others I ordered on top page

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    Super fast pickup (<10min) at the Union Market. Their flower is always potent and matching the strains descriptions from a net search. Their organic grown strains are incredible. Had a massive 6.5g bud in a gift bag of a pickup special, and regularly get free prerolls, lighters, rolling papers. Strongly recommend DMV.

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    These guys deserve your business.

    Thankfully close to VA (I hate driving up to Howard just to buy weed) and the dispatcher is super nice and helpful. Have had minor hiccups in the process both times but the first was an honest switch-a-roo mistake and the second was my fault for not confirming the delivery time. Dudes can't be hanging out waiting for my ass to not show up, I get it.

    Bud is on-weight every time, fire every time, and the mini bong I ordered is one of the better glass purchases I've made for the money (has held up very well for ~1 month so far for $20).

    Also, again, they have frickin pictures of the actual weed, and don't short you. Just try it.

    Business reply:

    Thank you for choosing DMV we appreciate your business and the great review.

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