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Text us and receive a 1G king pre-roll with your first order! 😉 Gifts with every order plus more!


Had a long day? Feeling stressed out? Body aches and headaches? Loss of appetite? Then look no further, we’re here to help!  We're here for your relief! Providing the BEST quality products in DC with fast and...


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    I’m back for a second review. These guys really know how to do it. Clear communication, and amazing customer service. But by far, the product is 1000% quality and fire. I started with Gods Gift, tried Alien OG, Punch Breath and SFV OG. Each time it gets better and better, and you will not be disappointed. I’ve gone back once a week for the last month or so and I’m so happy I found them! I’ve gone through several others on here and I’m just thankful i found my new place! Thank you guys!

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    I used many many different companies on this site like elevate, greenparadise, etc etc, but I think these guys are gonna be my number one from now on. Purple punch was really really great, just like the picture.

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    Been using delivery services down here in the district for about three years now. I've had good experiences and I've had bad experiences. And let me tell you. This company got to me so fast with the delivery I wasn't even able to count my money, I turned around and they were already here. The flower is top-notch quality, some of the finest that I've seen in a very long time. One head and it'll have you walking to church to confess all your sins. Proceed with caution, this is top-notch flower and A plus service

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