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First Time Patients

Welcome all new patients and first patients we are here to give you the opportunity to expand your flower making decisions. Please TEXT a photo selfie with a government ID confirming you are over the age of 21. *****ALL CUSTOMERS MUST BE OVER...



Welcome to our page, our group of chefs work together to create the best pastries youve ever had; we also strive to maintain the best cannabis flower in town. In order to get the best of both worlds, we decided to merge these two delicacies. We also...


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    Top notch quality and fair prices compared to other companies with designer. They work with you good people I recommend.

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    EO is serving the real deal. Come here for quality, end of story. And the customer service is top notch.

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    I decided to leave a review for no reason other than the fact that I fuck with these folks and I want them to get all the business. They deserve it and they keeping them real flavors on deck. Gotta respect that 💯

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