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$160.00 160 for 1oz Hawaiian Punch 💸🔥🤑

Every week we showcase a few 1oz strains specials for 160, priced to sell FAST so act even faster!!!! Order an ounce now for donation of $160! Strains of the week are.... Hawaiian Punch - Sativa Dominant (65/35): ≈ 23-26% – Hawaiian Punch is a sativa cannabis strain that derives its name from both its location of origin and the “punch” it delivers to the Washington DC consumer, referencing a potent high. Its harvest-ready buds are several shades of light green, having yellow-brown pistils and emitting a scent that’s of sweet tropical citrus. Its taste is similar, with undertones of fresh tropical fruits. THC levels of Hawaiian Punch are known to reach up to 27%. Its high is known to be typical of sativas but highly potent. The mind and body will fall into a serene state of calm, allowing racing thoughts to quell and tension to ease. The high is a creeper, not immediate, so expect to feel the effects several minutes after consuming. It’s possible that creativity will spark as mood improves. www.exoticblooms.co/product-category/oz-deals/ - Visit site for more information, content and images of each strain. Also check the website often for daily specials/deals! $20 Delivery donation required on all deal orders and cannot be combined with other specials. Please call/text 202.317.9158 to find out more information on delivery.

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