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Where's Weed user
1/25/2020 - 4:01PM

Look no further this is the best hook up EVER!!! I'm from out of state and these guy's are the real deal Holyfield! Wow guy's your exclusive designer level of weed is off the hook! I have been looking for this level of Quality of product for about 3 years and I have had no luck until now! We made 2 trips to see these guy's and both times it was easy to meet them, they were on time both times, it's easy to order, the menu is awesome and THE PRODUCT IS THE BEST IN TOWN! FYI I have smoked for 38 years and I am Happy every time I break this stuff out! Jim and Kirby from out of town.

Where's Weed user
Doug Judy
2/17/2020 - 4:06PM

These guys are the KINGS of this biz. Best bud at the best price, friendlier than your regular stripper and generous wit the gifts. I'm not ordering from anyone else cuz they have it all anyway. Dont go anywhere but Exotic Blooms - you wont regret it

Where's Weed user
3/12/2020 - 6:40PM

Got some more flower from these guys today, and I was even more impressed with the delivery time than I was the last few times I've gone to them. Delivered to me within an hour, and even threw in a complimentary g which was very genuine, kind, and unexpected. I am never disappointed with this company. I also appreciate people who come off genuine, and you can feel that with these guys.

Where's Weed user
7/19/2020 - 1:52PM

Exotic Blooms is by far the easiest recreational supplier of high end strains I have dealt with outside of Colorado/California/Canada. I texted which stickers I was looking to purchase along with a photo ID and got a response almost immediately. The budtender was awesome to work with and answered questions I had about strain choices with first hand experience. Delivery was done in a very safe/comfortable/convenient way and the delivery guy was friendly. My wife is immunocompromised so I had relayed concerns about safety to the budtender before the delivery was setup and they let me know they already take several precautions throughout every step of the process but they would also add a note to make sure the delivery person knew as well. When he arrived he was already wearing a PPE mask and he kept it on throughout. We chatted a bit about some new strains he had tried and I inspected the product I was purchasing. I got five different strains (always in search of the “perfect” genetics for every situation. Lol) - GB2, Pearl Jam, Pop Rox, Durban Poison and Zack’s Pie. All of the weights looked good by eye, the colors/trichomes/hairs looked good and the buds had the shape/density you would expect from high end product. There is a limit to what you can tell about a bud without actually touching, smelling, tasting and smoking it but so far, everything appeared to be top shelf. At this point, I could tell this product was higher quality than anything I had gotten from any other DC delivery service in the past. One last thing on the delivery side. I don’t want to set expectations that this will happen for anyone else but Exotic Blooms also threw in a few freebies for me as well. They were kind enough to add a Remedy Preroll and a Play Doh sample bud. This was a really pleasant surprise and a great bookend to an already amazing customer service experience. 10 out of 10 so far for Exotic Blooms. Once I got home I was able to do a closer inspection of everything. Unfortunately, I broke my scale a few days ago so I haven’t been able to check weights but they look close. If I get a new scale soon I’ll check some weights but I don’t expect them to be far off if they are at all. Honestly, by eye, the GB2 looks like it might even be a generous Z. Everything is definitely within a half gram of expected weight. The smell of each strain was distinct and the buds were extremely dense. The one slight nitpick for me was the buds were a bit dry/brittle and the scent a little subdued but that is understandable since I assume most of it has been packed for distribution for a while and hasn’t been kept in ideal conditions. That doesn’t take anything away from the quality and could be cleared up pretty quickly with a little rejuvenation/rehydration. I plan to mostly vape it so the dryness is fine. The buds are pretty frosty and you can see plenty of trichomes even with the naked eye and through a loupe they are packed so they definitely have some potency. I’m not going to go into a weed strain review but I stuck with Pearl Jam so far and it is definitely top shelf. I would say it is sativa dominant with high energy and a clear head. I burned a little in a Fumo steamroller to see if there was any harshness and it tasted great. It’s a strong hitter but nothing harsh from residual growing chemicals or pesticides. Then I ground some up to try in the Volcano so I could get the full flavor profile from the terpenes. Overall a great pure draw. It really is a tasty strain. I mostly stick with Indicas but this was definitely an enjoyable Sativa and it didn’t give me any jitters or paranoia. Definitely something to try if you want a strain that doesn’t give you couch lock. I might write a full review at some point but until then, I highly recommend it. Overall, Exotic Blooms blew away my expectations when compared to every other DC delivery service I have used. The easy of use, customer service and professionalism was stellar. Just as important as all of that, the quality of the product is significantly higher than other places I have tried. Just by look, smell and feel I can tell everything I purchased is dispensary level quality and from the one strain I have tried so far, I assume all of it will meet/exceed expectations. Overall, I give Exotic Blooms the highest recommendation and I definitely will be supporting them as a repeat customer in the future. Thank you Exotic Blooms!

Where's Weed user
Jeremy Nation
10/2/2020 - 2:40PM

Are you thinking about trying Exotic Blooms? It's the best idea you've had all day, maybe even all month! You'll enjoy high quality medicine, amazing customer service, knowledgeable budtenders who can help you make a selection and of course, the best speediest delivery, with tons of flexibility. The team is always communicative, and they go the extra mile to make sure you're happy with your purchase. If you're not sure which service to go with (I know there are a lot and it can get overwhelming) trust me when I say, when I found Exotic Blooms, I stopped shopping anywhere else.

Where's Weed user verified user
1/17/2022 - 3:25PM

Love this place. Great deals and service. Texting is the best way to contact here as well as the drivers who are accurate and resposive

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Where's Weed user verified user
1/12/2022 - 4:55PM

Variety, deals, anywhere at almost any time, what more could you need?

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Where's Weed user verified user
12/26/2021 - 11:19AM

The reviews are fake. They are scamming. Someone else away back said to remove the overprice items, that’s because they are overcharging for everything. The reviews say that they give out freebies I got none and I spent $600. And the weed was full of seeds.

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Where's Weed user verified user
12/26/2021 - 11:15AM

Hawaiian Runts has seeds. Def not worth $600. Smokes like mids and Reggie.

Where's Weed user
12/3/2021 - 11:29AM

First time ordering with Exotic Blooms. I placed and confirmed my order over the phone 4 hours before pick up time....I was left waiting at pick up location for 2 HOURS, and nobody ever came. I thought based on the reviews the service would've been better.... disappointing. I might try again down the road.