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Please send a selfie and government issued ID to our dispatcher to ensure safety for our drivers as well compliance with all laws in the District. NO MEDICAL CARD NEEDED


Founded on October 1, 2018 by forward-thinking Washingtonian Natives, Federal Reserve DC prides itself in sharing elite gifts across the entire cannabis spectrum including organic flowers, full spectrum and lab tested concentrates, soothing CBD...


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  • -3

    I won't go anywhere else ever again. After spending the better part of the past year exploring various businesses, I can truly say that I've made my final decision on my go-to delivery service in D.C. from this point forward. It took me awhile to make this decision and as any true connoisseur knows, this is a slowly pleasurable process, like the foreplay en faire l'amour! :) I wanted to be sure I gave myself ample time to assess the 5 STAR categories rated on Where'sWeed when using each delivery service. So let's break it down. Med Quality: EXCELLENT. I'm not sure if they make their own or what, but LOT'S OF VARIETY which is good (this is obviously one's greatest issue when using a good delivery service for the 710Head or flowerchild- you may find a good one, but then get bored because they always have the same three concentrates or they only carry one type of concentrate, etc., (ex. shatty only). I'm strictly a dabberdoosker, so I enjoy that they have a plethora of GOOD ISH to switch up in various forms; wax, live resin, sugar, shatter, crumble, and carts. I've sampled the flower as well due to their excellent business skills and it is all FIRE. FIRE, FIRE. A+ on the first star for quality. Moving on, I'm giving their prices another 5 stars. Excellent donation suggestions comparable to other similar delivery services in the area with good deal options to select from when you're donating a bit more. It's all about a deal for me and they have an excellent selection of them. A+ on price as well. I'm going to speediness next and combining it with a review of the drivers and other staff members whom I've communicated with when ordering. I can't stress this enough, in addition to product variety, communication is key to keeping a customer happy, feeling respected, and loyally returning to YOUR business. Please, tell me exactly when you'll be there and respond to me quickly when I text you. Within AT LEAST 15-20 minutes of me initiating contact, I should hear from someone. If you get to minute 21 and a company doesn't respond, I start to not only wonder about your communication issues but I begin questioning your honesty, integrity, and overall business sense. I feel like you've left me in the middle of the desert with no water and no direction. I'm thirsty! HELLO?!?! :) Call me, text me, UPDATE ME! Have no fear on that one here! FEDERAL RESERVE STAYS CONNECTED WITH YOU LIKE A 911 OPERATOR STAYING ON THE LINE WITH A CALLER UNTIL EMERGENCY RESPONDERS ARRIVE! Ok, I won't go that far, but seriously, FR is prompt and on time, they do what they say they will every time, and communicate well. They have excellent, tasty, and potent gifts that always make me happy. The drivers are very kind, respectful, and have made me feel the most comfortable and chill of all the drivers in the area I've dealt with. A++ on Bud Drivers, Speediness, and Knowledge. There's one last prop that must be given to Federal Reserve before I shut this novel down. ;) The most important characteristics I have found in this business are both the loyalty of it's employees and their strong business sense. I have yet to see this matched in another DC Delivery Service Company. Federal Reserve MAKES GOOD DECISIONS BASED UPON PUTTING THE CUSTOMER FIRST because they know this will keep people coming back and help advertising through word-of -mouth. Honestly, I've only been to them a few times and each time, they somehow swooped in to save the day for me and it became memory that I won't forget. This builds a clientele, which is something I haven't seen another company ACTIVELY doing. Customers are writing REAL (and quite long I might add, more like BLOGS lol, sorry y'all) reviews containing helpful details for customers who are trying to choose from a lengthy list. Look no further. Federal Reserve is the one you want to work with to serve all your needs when dealing with this OH so important and delicate life necessity! EXTRA professional, EPICALLY speedy, GENTLE SOULS with TASTY TERPS, GIFTS OF GAS, MY 710 HOMIES- FEDERAL RESERVE. GET YOU SOME.

  • -10

    For me you can expect pretty good quality across the board, but what makes a difference is communication and reliability...these guys understand to keep you in the loop on eta and delivery. I asked for a 15 minute heads up - not only did I get a confirmation of order text, but another to let me know that heavy orders were pushing delivery 10 minutes...the driver texted me as soon as he was on his way with an eta and arrived exactly when he told me he would. The fact these guys kept me up on order confirmation, eta, delays, and exact delivery time is what I want from a legitimate business. Will buy again.

  • -2

    Have tried over 15 different dispensaries in the D.C. area and I can say unequivocally hands down that Federal Reserve is the best. On all metrics, across the entire spectrum - from customer service to price/quality ratio - they are completely on point. Have tried 4 different strains and all of them were fresh, clean/organic, tasty, and potent. Dispatch extremely cordial and patient with answering any questions you may have. Drivers are as cool as it gets. Overall, they are simply superlative. Thanks again guys for everything - really appreciate that free roll on the last run. You now have a loyal customer. Best-

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