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Please send a selfie and government issued ID to our dispatcher to ensure safety for our drivers as well compliance with all laws in the District.


Founded on October 1, 2018 by forward-thinking Washingtonian Natives, Federal Reserve DC prides itself in sharing elite gifts across the entire cannabis spectrum including organic flowers, full spectrum and lab tested concentrates, soothing CBD...


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    Federal Reserve is definitely one of the long-term winners. Having only been in business for a month or so, they understand how to build a solid reputation. They were very responsive to inquiries, provided prompt responses, kept me informed of delivery, and their gifts are top notch! I will be a return patron! Keep that up and you guys will be among the “winners“ in this growing industry!!!

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    It seems almost every strain I get from Federal Reserve is better than everywhere else. From the look of the flower, to the smell, to the potency, it's just better. This time I had to try their VenomOG, heard/read some good things. I also got the strawberrybanana and platcookies. When I got back in my car and opened up the platcookies, it was completely covered in crystals. It looked amazing in the sunlight. The VenomOG looked really nice too, in a dark and foreboding way. This VenomOG is no joke. Right when I hit it I felt that heavy indica wave of sedation washing thru my body. Heaviest I ever felt I think. It's very potent. I was a bit disappointed in the strawberrybanana but only because I expected it to be really good, at the least better than Platcookies….but it wasn't for me. Then again I'd be surprised if anyone in DC had better platcookies than this.

    Oh and service was even more amazing this time. I didn't even know they had a customer service dept. He really took the time out to give me his opinion and I was very thankful since I was in a dilemma between flower deals. *I really hate ordering just on name of flower and google searches, it's like throwing darts. I really wish WW services would sell sampler bags of tiny one hitter buds for every flower on their menu. It'd be a pain in the ass to make but damn would that be perfect for the consumer* Driver was very friendly and cool too btw.

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    I had used Federal Reserve awhile back with good experiences. I knew they had good flower, great service, and honest. I got mix and match of purple haze, sourD, Durban poison, and sour tangie. That sour tangie was fire. Tasted amazing and hit me harder than everything else but made me sort of tired if i hit too much, like blue dream does to me. I would've got another half but they sold out it looks like too bad. I had some sourD leftover from another company, and Federal Reserves sourD looked much darker, like forest green, compared to bright green of the other place's. Federal Reserves sourD hit me harder with a bit of a indica effect while the other company's didn't have that indica effect at all. It was surprising how different they were considering they were the same strain. Anyways everything Ii got from Federal Reserve was at least good to great, and at $150 donations I'm happy. Purple haze was really good too, durban poison made me too jittery. Please have more 150 sativa donations available thx!

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