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Founded on October 1, 2018 by forward-thinking Washingtonian Natives, Federal Reserve DC prides itself in sharing elite gifts across the entire cannabis spectrum including organic flowers, full spectrum and lab tested concentrates, soothing CBD...


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    I was researching for the highest rated, most cost effective, and experienced group and I stumbled upon these guys. At first I thought they didn't have enough reviews; however, the reviews were great. Their name and emblem caught my attention, and I gave them a call. I had no expectations, but this was a great team from customer service, options, knowledge, delivery and trust when I say, the flowers are topshelf. I will be a customer 'til the wheels fall off.

  • 5

    Federal Reserve is definitely one of the long-term winners. Having only been in business for a month or so, they understand how to build a solid reputation. They were very responsive to inquiries, provided prompt responses, kept me informed of delivery, and their gifts are top notch! I will be a return patron! Keep that up and you guys will be among the “winners“ in this growing industry!!!

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    I have left a review here before when these guys first opened up, i feel inclined to leave another today because time after time they provide a flawless overall experience from start to finish!!!! This company goes above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied, and the product is top shelf, and to top it off they are very helpful and friendly!!! Thanks so much guys keep it up!!!! 💪🏻

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