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First-timers who place an order and leave a review can qualify to recieve an extra gift on their next delivery! Just mention the review!


Welcome to IGNITE DC Marijuana Delivery – the #1 weed delivery service in Washington DC. We are a Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Book Club that takes pride in sharing cannabis for DC residents and visitors.  We...


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    These guys are great! Awesome customer service, great prices and quality meds!

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    I just have caught them on an off day.
    I will start by saying the quality is damn good. The Creme Brûlée is the best smelling bud I’ve ever had. The driver was very nice, the specials are very fair. But my god it took 3.5 hours from the time I placed my order. I couldn’t get ahold of anyone for an hour. The communication was pretty bad. I will give these guys another shot. Hopefully this was an off day.

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    STAY AWAY!! they stole money from my boyfriend & gave us fake weed. THIS COMPANY IS FAKE!! They delete comments just look at all the negatives from the “good comments” they sell fake weed and my boyfriend going to MURDER SOMEONE! #SetupGang #YouWillRegret

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