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You must be at least 21 years old and have a state Issued ID. We are cash only and do not currently have an ATM on site. Masks are required upon arrival. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call. Thank you!


The Garden is an elite CBD (cannabidoil) store in Washington, DC offering premium CBD products and initiative 71 compliant gifting. Our CBD products include but are not limited to vapes, tincture, oil and rubs. Shop at our location today...


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    Very caring staff great customer service, I would highly recommend.

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    Thank You!

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    Really nice cashier

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    Thank you!

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    First time coming here I spent about $500 just to see what this place was about
    I am used to getting dispensary carts which the carts that they have are definitely not that. They look like good quality until u open the cart and it smells like cough syrup. Also it turns very watery. With the large tank I’m pretty sure it’s not a gram either. These are made from a third party but you as a company should look for another vape cart to carry. I also got some edibles (Stoner Patch) they tasted like weed but definitely wasn’t 500mg in the bag more like each one was maybe 10mg and the bag was 100mg in total.

    The ONLY THING I LIKE WAS..........
    THE MOONROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!
    You can go wrong with herb coated with wax coated with hash. This may be the only item I return for. I threw one vape cart down the gutter along with the battery due to disappointment. Crushed the whole bag of gummies. I still have about three more of these carts unopened and hope they can do something with it the next time I go in for noon rocks .

    They staff was very nice and speedy.
    I just think there needs to be more management on quality of product given to customers from my experience and reading other reviews

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