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Green Gorilla as founded in 01/01/2020 and we are hearto bring only the highest quality flowers and concentrate to the market. We love MJ and we like to work with people who love MJ too! Contact us if you are interestedin...


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    Good deals. Dude even put in extra for taking so long. Donate here

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    GO BIG OR GO HOME, New favorite vendor.
    Pictures are REAL!! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Delivery was on point. Personally I would recommend any of the Connoisseurs collection.

    Topshelf is aight, but if you want the best in DC then look at the Collection instead. Youll thank me later.

    Bud was fresh and smell was delicious and flavorful.

    As a first time custumer i was Very satisfied with my purchase. A+++++

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    Ordered from Green Gorilla the day before 4/20, and i was given the best customer service by Louie. He helped me find the perfect deal for my budget and even included some free gifts in my order. Not only was i given excellent service but shortly after receiving my order, the item i had purchased was discounted and Louie was quick to call back and inform me and make sure i was compensated properly. If you are looking for quality product and great service here is the place to shop.

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