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We are a dc based delivery service, helping patients all through the city with the medical needs our cartridges are 100% free of vitamin E Acetate free

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    Awesome Service. Cart was amazing and flower is always on point. Def recommend

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    So I always give credit where it is due. With that being said Green Sundayes is by far the absolute best bud service inside DC! The product gets to u in a reasonable amount of time and the strains are ALWAYS grade A weed. Ive been smoking over 20 years and I know good weed. All there buds possess good color,odor,taste,and texture. And youll def be high midway thru the blunt. I know I smoke everday so this gas they have is ALL OF THE LIGHTS! And this is a legit review im Tes JVC's finest so all u know i put an address on my review!

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    I would not go for any of the starins below $300, its probably huff. That being said the service isn't terrible.

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