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Please send a selfie and government issued ID to our dispatcher to ensure safety for our drivers as well compliance with all laws in the District. If you enjoyed our services for the first time, please send over your 5-Star Review and receive a Free...



Experience the Best The District has to offer, California Genetics , We strive to only carry the best and most affordable in the city.

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    It is a good quality bud for a super cheap price. Meet at the time we were supposed to meet at. And friendly. Would recommend

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    I bought an ounce for $120 and honestly it doesn't do ANYTHING. I get that I bought an ounce for $120, so I shouldn't expect much, but even cheap weed you would expect to do...something.? I feel like I bought an ounce of CBD flower because I didn't even get a little high. It's almost like the flower was grown to have no THC. I made some cannibutter and put it on some toast with jam and I'm debating on if I should just throw this malfunctioning stuff away. I'll put this in some brownies tomorrow and if it gets me even a little high I'll probably take this review down. I've lived in places with legalized weed and I honestly feel bad for the people of DC. This is a $50-60 ounce. The prices are so inflated and its unfortunate that the consumers have to suffer. Advertising a strain to be ON THE LOW END 13% and top out in the 20% range, and then have it be so bad puts a sour taste in my mouth. They charge a $20 delivery fee which i hope the drivers get most, if not all. I would give them a 1 star review but I ran into traffic and was late so I feel bad for the driver. Honestly should've saved my money and both of us time and energy.

    For anyone reading, the strain i bought (if you even want to call it that. Wouldn't be surprised if they did what all the high school dealers did and bought trash weed and sold it as some crazy well known strain) was Lime Kush. Trash. Dont even waste your money.

    Also you can't leave a Google review. Pretty suspicious and worrisome that they are the 4th listing.

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    The 2 ouches of Chem Cookies for $200 was prob the word bud I ever smoked. didn’t even get high at all. I get a better buzz smoking a cigarette or packing a lip. What a waste of money.

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