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6/9/2021 - 1:23AM

Best ever I have been to dc 18 times with 7 different service by far the best I was a hour early and the driver was on location in 15 mins the driver was cool and quick AAA+ even the guy on the phone was really cool best thing about it they actually give you the free pre rolls lol no bill hands down best out there for the price you pay thank you guys

Where's Weed user
The Overgrow Dankmaster
6/15/2021 - 4:11PM

#46 when I first saw them, nobody had tried and I kept my eyes on 2 legends of strain lore listed. I was like is this even real ? So I come back and see an old head from Cali raving who reviewed others, including one I’ve been to regularly. To be honest he’s the only reason I gave Halo this chance. They had a deal for 4oz but I asked about 2. I won’t say, but it was more than generous for my first time. I appreciate keeping me in budget, so I added one more oz of premium for my entire supply. They don’t know, but they made me very happy for my birthday to get this. The driver contacted me shortly after and delivery was well coordinated. I wanted to check my bags to be sure, but driver was like “everything is good” Panama Red citrus and spice mix, very well manicured and coated in red and crystalline. The dry and cure is perfect, not dry but not wet. (All 3 are perfect) This is blissful, clear as a bell and focused. I’ve had Panama Princess and this is way better as the princess pheno spoils the the true favor. With only one hit, I’d say the version of the legend lives to the hype. Chocolate Haze, another version of a legend famed chocolate Thai. Beautiful lime green solid bud w pinene terpene smell, but the taste is no joke like chocolate, rich and creamy. I’m actually extremely impressed with flavor of chocolate haze, again super clear and focused, bordering psychedelic. Again, these versions are giving me a full enough perspective to say, yes these stories I’ve heard for close to 20 years are truth. Blue Aussie, I never heard of this but when I looked up the lineage I couldn’t pass it up either. It’s a true sativa appearance, thin leaf but not airy. The floral odor is so pleasant, not pungent,, it has the same flavor, pleasant and smooth. It reminds of a very nice skunk variety. A few seeds but that’s a bonus w a strain like this. I nearly have enough different strains for a future project when ready. Well I attest Halo DC isn’t pulling any legs here, and I want nothing but good things for these folks. Donate with confidence. This a TOP upcoming delivery. Keep this up. And yes I can’t wait to see what else they get. I’ll come right here same time next month!! 5/5

Where's Weed user verified user
7/17/2021 - 5:53PM

Friendly, honest, solid OZ price for well manicured flower - Def love the sativa selection. I appreciate their approach towards business and their customers

Where's Weed user verified user
1/23/2022 - 11:16AM

I like their shake deal, and for the most part they’re decently reliable, but you definitely want to keep contact to confirm.I have had some times where they haven’t met at the time for the order but they reached back out to fix it.

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Where's Weed user verified user
12/20/2021 - 3:26PM

Wanted me to pay a delivery fee to come meet driver, quality, customer service and speediness is horrible. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY THIS PLACE IS A SCAM!!!!

Where's Weed user verified user
Alex Schaer
12/3/2021 - 8:04PM

I decided to try this place out by purchasing an ounce of their shake that was supposed to come from their “exotic “ strains. I haven’t seen so many seeds except way back when you could find brick weed. If their high end strains are producing seeds, they aren’t doing what we want this plant to do.

Where's Weed user verified user
11/22/2021 - 8:26PM

Horrible communication, waste of time.

Where's Weed user verified user
Connor H.
11/14/2021 - 5:43PM

Great product and service

Where's Weed user verified user
11/12/2021 - 11:04PM

Really fast and efficient service! highly recommend this to everyone.

Where's Weed user verified user
11/5/2021 - 7:34PM

Great flower & we’re mad patient when I missed my delivery driver the first time.

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