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Feel free to text us with any questions, we will be more than happy to assist you.


We strive to enrich our clients' lives by offering a hassle-free, cannabis gifting system, compliant with I-71. We are dedicated to providing excellent service, top shelf flower, discreet premium packaging and FREE DELIVERIES.

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    Been using them for a long time, and was always impressed with the consistent quality and amazing service.
    Just wanted to write this review because I was so impressed with the lemonade. Like some in the comment I've not had good experiences when it comes to getting edibles in DC. However, the half a bottle of high ends lemonade I drank last night was extremely effective, and I passed out only an hour or two after it kicked in. I must say I am very impressed, and would definitely be getting more of the lemonade.
    Other than the lemonade, I usually get the kief and concentrate from here and have not ran into a single issue. The kief is especially my favorite, with the best price you can find on here for something to sprinkle on your flower. Tried their bubba kush a while ago too and was absolutely solid (all the pictures are real).
    All in all would definitely recommend anything on their menu, truly a phenomenal service that offers quality product for all your needs.

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    I would definitely recommend high end. I’ve used a few other delivery service but they’re now my go to! They’re always on time, always have great quality and I think I’ve received a free gift every time. If you do nothing else, try their lemonade 🤩🤩🤩

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    Horrible. Just horrible I ordered once and they asked for if so I sent it and then it said on where’s weed it was canceled so I took a screenshot and texted it to them and no answer so I ordered again, same thing, then AGAIN , same thing finally after about 2 hours they text back “we can’t complete your order, something came up” no sorry NOTHING.

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