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Feel free to text us with any questions, we will be more than happy to assist you.


We strive to enrich our clients' lives by offering a hassle-free, cannabis gifting system, compliant with I-71. We are dedicated to providing excellent service, top shelf flower, discreet premium packaging and FREE DELIVERIES.

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    This is my 4th time ordering from this service. I've always liked this service for its speed, free delivery, and low minimum. Previous orders were all on products other than flower (tried their cannacap and their kief), all very solid products.
    HOWEVER, trying the flower today has led to my decision that I HAVE to leave a positive review this time. The quality and the smell... if you want to get buds similar in quality from a lot of other services on here, it'll probably be 1.5 times to 2 times more expensive. Really don't understand why a lot of other services on ww have better reviews than High End. Would definitely recommend anyone who is willing to spend more than 100 for a half to try, its the best choice you can go with on ww imo!

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    I waited for a few donations before making a review. The flower and concentrate have been excellent. Flowers always look beautiful. Communication is like no other. Always within 10 minutes of our desired time. Will recommend always πŸ‘

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    LOL They were closed yesterday (9.18), bud. Naming another service is a shady move, and it honestly makes 420Roadside look suspect.

    The first 2 times I used High End, the driver arrived at my place within 20-30 minutes with TOP-SHELF quality. Today was their slowest day, and it was less than an hour. They arrived at the exact minute of their ETA - no exaggeration. This place is BY FAR the best service I have found. Accurate pictures of top shelf flowers at the best price.

    Using other services, you will regularly pay 180+ for flowers that are nowhere near this quality. Other services, you will browse the pictures and be disappointed when the product looks nothing like the picture. Almost every other service takes longer to send a confirmation message in the amount of time it takes to complete the whole process with High End. Don't waste your time and money anywhere else... seriously.

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