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Feel free to text us with any questions, we will be more than happy to assist you.


We strive to enrich our clients' lives by offering a hassle-free, cannabis gifting system, compliant with I-71. We are dedicated to providing excellent service, top shelf flower, discreet premium packaging and FREE DELIVERIES.

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    This company is the truth. Respectful, knowledgeable, and the flower that’s being advertised is what you get. No fake google photos. straight Pressure ⛽️. Will be back. 👌🏾

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    Top notch 👌. I'm one picky toker, they have some of the best concentrated js I've ever had in the city. Customer service a breeze... got a repeat customer here, happy to have found you.

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    These guys always came through for me, never once did I get a bad batch from them, always quality and always worth it. Work with them and they'll work with you.

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