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FIRST TIME PATIENTS * Please submit a valid ID or Passport * Please submit a selfie of you holding your ID * Please provide address for delivery * Please have cash ready within 5 mins of arrival,


Welcome to House of Flower D.C.'s Premium Flower Delivery Shop. We are Initiative 71 Compliant Gifting Service. Please Call or Text (202) 643-5213 to place an order. All Deliveries will be assessed a $5 Delivery Fee *** Rush Orders are...


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    Great customer service and great bud! What else more can you ask for!

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    Decided to try out a new place today, and turned out to be a very wise choice indeed.

    First of all, the driver arrived on time and was very polite, so in terms of service there's nothing to complain

    Of course, most people would be more concerned with bud quality. In short, I chose an 1/8 of ice cream cake as my order, and was also gifted another 1/8 as part of their deal.
    The 1/8 of ice cream, to be simply, is up there as some of the best bud I've had in DC, properly trimmed and covered in trichomes. Definitely smells more like its GSC parent than the Cherry Pie that it's crossed with.
    The gifted 1/8 I'm assuming is from their 50 per 1/8 tier. I did not expect much in terms of quality since it is a free gift, but I would say it's still comparable to the Ice cream cake.

    I would def recommend this place, as it is a big steal to get 1/4 of straight fire for only 60. Would def be using frequently if the quality maintains at this level.

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    First time experience was great...
    Great flavors , attractive buds and it gets you where you want to be. Delivery from Chris and it was speedy and he was cool and professional. I will be using this service again Forsure.

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