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FREE DELIVERY! You must send a picture of your state photo I.D. to 202-374-2564. We accept cash only. All payment will processed upon order.


At Kushy's Cafe, we aim to delight each and every customer with quality product, unforgettable energy and fast service. With the purchase of any merchandize you can receive a FREE THC gift. 

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    Overall great! Initially ordered concentrates and received flower. Called Kushys and they informed me that if I wanted to keep the flower I could reorder or my original order for half off. Their prices were fair and reasonable so half off my order was more then enough to keep me coming back. Had two orders so far and driver was punctual both times. Product is great adn service is top notch. Enjoy!

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    I’ve been going to this place for months and it was very reliable. Was just told they we can no longer go to the shop to pick out gifts. They are only doing deliveries now. That was the only reason I came to the store because it was reliable and I can walk in and walk out. We have to find another place for gifts now

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    These literally told me Dey can’t do business with me wen I have spent over 400 in a weeks with dem so for somebody who spends money wit dem almost other should get treated way differently also told Dey cudnt wait because I’m at work so I couldn’t step out right dat second I had many people wait on me or either call me tell me they’ll come back n come back so customer service experience with them was trash

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