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Bob Barker
Bob Barker
Top Shelf indica
Indica Dominant Hybrid - 70% Indica / 30% Sativa THC: 20% - 22% Bob Barker is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the classic San Fernando Valley OG Kush with the infamous Bubba Kush. Even with these celebrity parents, Bob Barker is aid to be more of a “value” or a “Price is Right” strain with a low THC level and an underwhelming appearance. That being said, you shouldn't expect too much from the Bob Barker high – it's relatively mild in nature regardless of how much you take. You'll feel a bit of a lift mentally and a touch of a tingly body high, but that's about it. Some users do say that they'll get a little bit hungry after a few hits, but this effects is pretty rare. In combination with its low THC level, these mellow effects make Bob Barker ideal for treating chronic fatigue, depression, stress, and loss of appetite. This bud has a sweet yet dank herbal woody flavor and a kushy aroma to match. Bob Barker buds have super piecey light dusty green nugs with brownish amber hairs and a sandy layer of matching crystal trichomes.