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Where's Weed user
7/8/2021 - 10:54AM

Soon to be repeat customer here Jul 2021 Flower is fluffy and sticky. Healthy looking nugs. Had zero shake between two oz's. Solid prices. Friendly and quick comms from the owner. Easy 5/5 stars from me

Where's Weed user
7/10/2021 - 4:07PM

First off, they go above and beyond regardless the situation. They are top notch service, with great buds and actual individuals who become more than just a delivery service. They always provide solid rec’s and strong strains. Really appreciate y’all and everything you’ve done on the countless deliveries. Ive ordered for about 6 years with numerous companies but will only be using y’all from here on out. They are a small family run business so Hit them up and I promise you’ll return! Thanks again y’all looking forward to this batch and the many months to come.

Where's Weed user
7/7/2021 - 4:40PM

Leafy Llama is dope! Very quick, flower is delicious and always very communicative. ❤️❤️❤️

Where's Weed user
11/27/2021 - 7:34PM

Great place to buy your bud from. They are fast, reliable and give amazing customer service. They have a great way how they do this business (how I wish most places did in dc) and the bud is gas. Never been disappointed and I often try new things here- and everytime I’m getting exactly what I wanted. Quality place with high quality product and people.

Where's Weed user verified user
11/11/2021 - 12:30PM

Man last time I got an order from Leafy Llama they DELIVERED! I mean that in every pun way possible. The airhead edibles were killer and the Lemon Meringue bud was so tight and skunks like I like it. Will be my main pick up from Where's Weed!! And the communication is amazing never wondering what's going on always on the same page!

Where's Weed user verified user
Josh G.
11/6/2021 - 8:35PM

Great experience, quick and efficient. Highly recommend

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Where's Weed user verified user
Tom Kowalsky
11/1/2021 - 6:54AM

I’m always skeptical of a place with so many good reviews, but this lived up to them. I was ripped all day off of a bowl and a half. Price was great, delivery easier and quicker than most Uber eats experiences I’ve had. 6/5

Where's Weed user verified user
10/23/2021 - 1:27PM

Great product, would love to see some more tight packed buds but there. DONT LET THE LOWER PRICE MAKE YOU THINK LOWER QUALITY, ITS gas around Leafy Llama

Where's Weed user verified user
10/21/2021 - 11:53AM

Leafy llama is by far my favorite place to order from in DC! Not only is the product high quality and fairly priced, but the people that work there are helpful and kind and the deliveries are always smooth and on time. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a seamless experience, which I know for me was really hard to find until I found them. They also have great deals/promotions for new and frequent customers.

Where's Weed user verified user
Bilguun B.
10/11/2021 - 12:25PM

Very friendly and great quality products definitely becoming regular