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All patients must both send a copy of and present with the same state-issued ID. We cover most of the District of Columbia!


HYFE is a lifestyle brand that encourages individuality, health-conscious living, and personal growth and awareness. We believe in fostering genuine relationships and never compromising the power of product integrity. We cultivate a client centric...


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    this is my third review of HYFE and their all 5 stars. Every single tier has fire in it. from A to AAAA+....If you have a high tolerance i would stay within the AAA - AAAA+ range....if youre looking for something strong but not tooo strong i would go with A or AA....If youre old skool, like the cheap stuff, or just want some good deals my advice is to look at the deals menu (lol) or go with the A menu or the B Economy Menu....their Concentrates are all FIRE as well and they have the most diverse selection in DC ive ever seen, if any concentrate is ever sub par they will tell you and lower the price or just take it off the menu. All of their Edibles are strong as well and WORK! so be sure to approach with the usual edible caution, its gonna kick it just be patient lol....If youre looking for a place thats gonna look out for you and care about the quality and authenticity of each and every item they offer, this is the place to go with. A place where you never have to worry about leaving unhappy because even if something goes wrong, their customer service is the absolute best and will work something out for you. They really want to help and dont want you leaving with a Frown and Clear Eyes...They want you to leave in Euphoria with the Crimson Vision of positivity 🥰😍🤩

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    I've used several services throughout the years, but the easiest, highest quality experience rests here. The product, easy to order through the website and with great pictures, is phenomenal. Even if I found cheaper bud in DC this would be my first choice because it has the best bud anywhere! And the delivery staff is consistently friendly and on time. 5 stars for sure, do yourself a favor and try them out!

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    Picked up some flower and sauce darts yesterday that, as usual are killer, but that's not what this review is about. After getting myself turned around a bit (Indiana Ave. wasn't on my map), the driver and dispatcher were SUPER patient and accommodating, as usual. Be cool to and tip your driver ! Back to product....the sauce Zookie dart tastes and feels GREAT and the Blueberry Cruffin is the goods. BELIEVE THE HYFE !!

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