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All patients must both send a copy of and present with the same state-issued ID. We cover most of the District of Columbia!


HYFE is a lifestyle brand that encourages individuality, health-conscious living, and personal growth and awareness. We believe in fostering genuine relationships and never compromising the power of product integrity. We cultivate a client centric...


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    First of all...What separates these guys from some of the others I’ve been too recently is...THEY ARE ALWAYS RIGHT ON TIME!!! TRAFFIC OR NO TRAFFIC!!! Whereas others will have you waiting for at least 30-45 mins even after you’ve set a good arrival time before traffic gets nasty. Even if you’re a few minutes behind it’s no big deal, they’ll wait for you as long you don’t have them waiting forever, which I’ve never done lol

    Second of all lol...Even their bottom shelf flower is a lot better than some of the dispensaries if tried out thus far so you’re always getting your money worth. The flower always looks and smells magnificent. I’ve never received anything from them and regretted it. The pictures in the description are super accurate, with these guys what you see is really what you get.

    Lastly...If you’re looking for quality medical for good prices, speedy service, excellent customer service without having to worry about committing to buying something you won’t like...shop HYFE.

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    This weekend i was able to try out HYFE's live resin crumble and ice cream cake live resin diamonds. I must say that they weren't lying when they said these are high quality concentrates. The smell off the diamonds is amazing! The clarity is on point and very impressive. The crumble is nice topper of a bong or bowl. Also the crumble is nice to put in a blunt or joint and you're ready to blast off! Very excited about the new concentrate line and eager to see what's up next. The HYFE rewards program is another reason why I love these guys. They reward your loyalty with some nice discounts.

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    HANDS DOWN MOST LEGIT CARTS IN DC. ALL ARE REAL NO FAKES HERE. took long enough to find this store. give one of them deals a try

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