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Any first Time Patients, Just Let us know! and we'll be throwing in some Extra GOODIES!


My Guys!  MyGuy DC is here, to bring everyone in the district a new standard of quality and reliability!  Let MyGuy be your Guy. MyGuy has been specializing in Flower for years, and are huge fans of OG's and Indicas, so...


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    I had there bllod diamond og and sunset gelato a while ago it was fire, if you guys want real top shelf shop with myguys

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    One of the best places I’ve came across been ordering off the app for 2 years and these people are the Best so far great quality gas

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    great quality cartridge. It makes me think Th e last ten cartridges I’ve bought had to have been trash. I appreciated the speedy delivery and patient driver as I took a bit of time to come outside. I can’t wait till they have a cartridge sale! 9/10 would buy again.

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