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Any first Time Patients, Just Let us know! and we'll be throwing in some Extra GOODIES!


My Guys!  MyGuy DC is here, to bring everyone in the district a new standard of quality and reliability!  Let MyGuy be your Guy. MyGuy has been specializing in Flower for years, and are huge fans of OG's and Indicas, so...


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    I bought some Green Crack and my body did not agree with it. I asked if I could exchange it for a more chill strain and they said no problem. A great organization that is willing to work with people to make them happy. I love My Guy!

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    They were amazing!!!! I’ve used other services here in the city over the last couple years and from the first second I knew this would b my new guy. Knowledge staff, fast delivery amazing quality!

    Business reply:

    Thank you for the kind review! We appreciate that here at myguy, tell your friends about us and let them know you referred them to us for additional free gifts on your next order!! Let myguy be your new guy 😎

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    Great carts, great price, great customer service/communication, prompt delivery enough said . Did not disappoint. will be coming back for more

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