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First time patients will always recieve a Free 1/8 with your first order!!!


PotofGold a business dedicated to serving the people and providing them with excellent services. In a time where stress is at its pinnacle PotofGold is here to help you ease your mind and/or medicate.  Referrals are Always encouraged...


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    Professional service and friendly people. Great products. Thank you!

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    Amazing deals.

    Support a shop like this

    Good herb

    They ran out of girl scouts but the cherry pie is better in my opinion

    Only 1 or 2 other shop I like besides this one

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    My bad I wasn't specific. I ordered an eighth of shatter and got only 2.7g. Is that better? Since you don't sell eighth's.

    Business reply:

    I doubt it was short that much but we would love to bring you the full 3.5 if it was short

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