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  Thanks for choosing DC DANK donations only , and 21+ . When ordering you must have a valid photo id If you place an online order please call us to confirm your order           

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    EVERYTHING IS STRAIGHT 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥, plus who doesn’t want a free eighth these guyys are legit. They were gone for minute but there bacc better than ever

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    So glad these guys are back again! Used to order from them around a year ago when they were still on ww. Always really liked them for their patient customer service, speedy delivery, constant deals, and fire products (esp the flowers). Their menu might not be the biggest but it includes all one would need, and always with consistently high quality. Their 10g deal has always been my favorite, as it's a really nice amount for personal order.
    Got the 10g cherry slushie deal today. It's the cheapest strain they currently carry but nevertheless packs a serious punch, with very solid trichs and an amazing smell. Was also gifted a g of free wax, and I am very satisfied with the quality that too. (amazing smell and great color)
    All in all I would definitely be back soon, and would suggest all to trying this place out.

    Business reply:

    Thanks happy we could help and thanks for returning

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    Excellent showing from these guys on my first order with them. Ive ordered from over half of the businesses in dc listed on wheresweed, and these guys are in the top flight surely.

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