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We require new customers to go through our Text ID Verification Process for our safety and yours. No Exceptions! Limited delivery services are offered at the discretion of PromoCo and are subject to change. NO DELIVERY AT THE MOMENT! BARE WITH...



NO DELIVERY AT THE MOMENT! BARE WITH US, ITS COMING BACK!   PromoCo concentrates are made using premium distillate and only all-natural, food-safe ingredients and are free from harmful, toxic cutting agents. We developed our concentrates...


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    So I'm one of those people that have been lurking for a while, and finally I decided to give them a try. I've been pretty iffy about carts in the DMV--its really hit or miss, and I've tried other carts before that claimed to be 100%, locally made, etc., but had flavorings added, etc. However, Promoco carts really are legit--the oil is thick (so thick it barely hit out in the cold!), and I don't get that raw throat some carts give.

    First of all, they were super helpful even when I bombarded them with questions over the course of several days (I'm a little anal like that). They gave me great recommendations and despite the DMV being ridiculously expensive, the prices were actually really reasonable, especially for the quality of the bud. The best part is they threw in a bunch of freebies since it was my first order--the grandaddy purple was amazing!

    I will DEFINITELY be ordering from here from now on. They were knowledgeable, professional, and pickup was a breeze. Thanks, Promoco--you made what is typically a really shady experience a pleasant one!

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    Absolutely love every experience a very reliable yet affordable.

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