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All new SkyHigh patients will be required to send in a selfie of them holding a govt-issued ID for age verification.


Hello and welcome to SkyHigh, an I-71 compliant, wellness-focused cooperative. If you’d like to place your order online, please send us a selfie of you holding a govt-issued ID and follow this link to place your...


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    I've been making the trek from VA for 2 years. I've used countless other sellers. None. Seriously, none are as all around stellar as SkyHigh. The communication, packaging, free gifts, deals and herb quality are all AAA. They addressed me by my first name the second time I ordered from them. You will be impressed, no doubt about that.

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    Wow what an outstanding experience I had in my first experience...the customer service rocks! The quality, pricing and knowledge was amazing as well as the efficiency with the delivery and the super cool and friendly people cannot be topped! I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else!!

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    Absolutely OUTSTANDING service and great deals!! The Skyhigh team was very communicative and punctual. I am definitely recommending this to anyone who is looking for great products, professionalism and punctual delivery service company! THANKS GUYS!!

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    Business reply:

    Thanks Brandon! We appreciate your loyalty and look forward to continuously serving you smiles. Stay elevated!

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    Business reply:

    We appreciate the feedback! We look forward to servicing you again :)

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    Business reply:

    We're pleased to hear it! We appreciate our loyal customers

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