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Tegridy Weed, from Tegridy Farms. Time to show you some tegridy! Guaranteed BEST in DC! IG @tegridyfarmsdc  

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    Yes yes yes! These are your duuuudes. This was my 7th time (all different services) donating, and my first with tegridy farms. I was hoping to find my go to source sooner than 7 but these guys are it. Please save yourself the trouble from others and order here first. I wish I had found them sooner. 1000% my go to now. Love the pods and LEGIT carts I got. I have seen fakes other places so I'm very relieved with these. AND what a steal on the deal oz. Plus the free gifts?! Not to mention it was delivered within an hour of placing the order. You guys are THE BEST. You definitely got my loyality. Thank you!!! <3

    Business reply:

    Thank you so much for your kind words, you don't know what it means to our team to be able to see all our hard work and efforts commended for at the end of the day by a patient that was fully satisfied.

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    Tegridy Farms DC - who knew Randy from South Park could grow such incredible, potent, and beautiful flower! πŸ™ƒ All jokes aside, this is the premier service in the district hands down/for sure/no CAP! Let me tell you all something, and you need to listen - I donated and received a gift of their Tegridy Farms cultivated strain ‘Kobe 10 Elite’ from the Super Exotics collection (which contains all Tegridy Farms cultivated strains), and it’s absolutely the dankest flower I’ve seen or sampled since I moved to DC from my home state of California 8 years ago. The nugs are so visually appealing that I almost felt like I was doing something wrong putting something so gorgeous in a grinder. With an even, healthy frost of densely packed trichomes covering the perfectly trimmed and curled nug leaves, the nugs boast this slight lavender hue that weaves in and out throughout the little masterpiece/morsel. Looks can be deceiving, but I already knew by that point that the farmers at Tegridy know how to fucking farm, and when I took that first, magical whif of the Kobe and smelled those lovely floral undertones alongside the general sweetness of the aroma, I was confirmed in my belief of Tegridy as being the premier farmers, and Tegridy Farms DC being the premier service, in the District of Columbia. I came to this conclusion before I smoked it, and if I start to write about how it smokes, then this will turn into a 20-page essay. I’m usually not that empowered about leaving reviews for things, but Tegridy Farms wholeheartedly deserves it. But don’t take my word for it! See for yourself. If the other strains in the Super Exotics collection are anywhere near as fire as the Kobe 10 Elite, then you will not be disappointed IN THE SLIGHTEST. Plus - they have the best deals! $150 donation for a zip of that Do-Si-do?!?! So good. Anyways - yeah Tegridy you’ve gained yourself a donor for life! Thank you! Oh - by the way - props to Cookie and Yung! Nicest dudes, always so friendly when they deliver πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

    Business reply:

    Thank you for the awesome review. We pride ourselves with quality INDOOR flowers only! Here at Tegridy Farms. Im glad to see a fellow connoisseur and someone who appreciates the hard work it takes to create such beautiful flowers. Thank you for choosing Tegridy Farms!

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    I've used about a dozen delivery services in DC and Tegridy Farms are the best overall so far. They've had the best customer service in my 2 delivery experiences with them. Text replies usually took within 5-10 minutes. Driver came early one time, and while he was late the other time, I could tell they were making a concerted effort to get to me on time. I appreciated the txts of the driver's whereabouts as I waited. As for product, I've only gotten Stiizy stuff. It's legit with the white packaging, thick oil that takes awhile to move, and nothing misspelled. I feel like they could be charging more like a lot of the DC delivery companies(like 3x the price of buying in Cali) for their carts. I may be jinxing myself by mentioning that but they deserve praise in relation to some of the competition being so bad.

    Business reply:

    Appreciate the awesome review, here at Tegridy we pride ourselves with QUALITY and being fair with our prices for the average consumer. No, you wouldnt be jinxing yourself, because as our motto goes here at Tegridy Farms, 'we are here to please the customer.' I'm glad you are satisfied with our service and hope to see you soon, thank you kindly.

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