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    Received 2 different edibles and they might as well have been gummy worms from the local conveinent store. You know... The ones without thc in them. Cause that's what these are, just plain gummy worms... with no thc in them!!!! First and last experience with them.

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    Take your business elsewhere because I wouldn’t recommend buying from here. You pay for exactly what you get! Bought 3 different edibles and the quality was disappointing (and I’m a feather weight). After waiting awhile I asked the owner about the return/exachange policy and was met with a great response but once I contacted him again he no longer responded. If you’re looking for a quality product don’t waste your time here.

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    I was very impressed with the owner Kevin's communication and customer service. Very professional. I tried the gummies and instantly felt relaxed! I would definitely recommend Wake & Bake Goodz for any occasion.

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