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Serving the BEST THC edibles and CBD treats/oils in the DC area. Message us on ig for personal customizations @watz_poppin & @fur_real_treats.

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    I've been so tired of seeing fake Dank or Kingpen carts everywhere. Then here comes Watz Poppin with their own home distilled oil cartridges and I was curious. These are totally on point with quality, consistency and flavor! I opted for pick up service, which was faster than anyone else I've dealt with, and the guy walked a few extra blocks to where I parked. As long as they keep making these and good edibles, there's absolutely no where else you need to go.

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    I've tried so many different services in DC and these guys are by far the best. Most places are extremely overpriced or sell fake carts. I was tired of going to events to only find they were selling exotics and dank vapes. Or places that actually have good carts are selling them for like $65+ for one. Watz Poppin has amazing customer service, super speedy pickups, and amazing prices. All their products are top quality. I honestly don't waste my time with anyone else in DC anymore.

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    Came from out of state and hit these guys up while I was on vacation. They came through and went out of their way to meet me. Guy drove several extra blocks and all. Top quality gifts as well. The carts were very potent and clearly labelled. Well worth it. Will be my go to when I am in town.

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