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Wifey Treats is a newly established lifestyle brand based in Washington D.C. we offer Farm Fresh non infused Organic food, Amazingly strong edibles and Flowers absolutely FREE when you donate to Wifey Treats Food, your donation is incredibly helpful...


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    I have never experienced such awesome customer service!! The website had problems accepting my order and I stared feeling discouraged. The owner personally called and gave me other options to make my payment. On top of that I devoured the entire steak & cheese. My treat after dinner was the best I’ve had since my visit to California.

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    I was visiting DC this weekend so I decided to try out two delivery services that I had researched online. Wifey Treats was my first experience with any i71 delivery service. I'll break down my experience from the beginning.

    I read about them on The Gentleman Toker's website and clicked through after that article. I liked the Wifey Treats website. It was clean, easy to use and informative. Simple and easy design that worked equally well on a laptop and my phone as they took the time to write their code to recognize what browser/platform I was using. (I'm in IT so simple things like user experience means something to me)

    I texted with some questions and they replied promptly and were helpful cheerful. Great first impression. Great Customer Service. Well done Wifey Treats.

    When I placed my order online it was quick and easy. I was contacted five minutes later and we arranged a delivery for later in the evening. Again, easy and accommodating.

    I texted them back once I was at the restaurant we had chosen and was texted immediately to let me know my driver had been informed. Seven minutes later the driver contacted me and told me he would be there in 20 minutes. I was at the Washington Harbor and it's a pain in the ass to get down there especially on a Saturday night so I thought that was a reasonable timeframe. The driver texted back in 15 minutes to say he'd be there in two minutes. Great communication all the way! He called me in 90 seconds to let me know he was out front. I said hello, handed him my donation and a tip for driving and running a tight ship and providing a me with a simple and enjoyable experience.

    I ordered two 1/8's, Gorilla Glue #4 and Key Lime Pie. They weren't on the website but I texted just before I ordered to see if they had anything new and they said yes so I tried these two strains.

    The Key Lime Pie is a little dry. It makes me think that the flower is a little old. There was not as much aroma as I would have expected. It smells nice but it's not like the Northern Lights that I opened just after that from another delivery service. Their flower immediately filled my car with such an amazing aroma that I wanted to just keep putting me nose in the bag.

    Anyway, even though the Key Lime Pie was a little dry it tasted nice in my Mighty and was effective. My arms were nice and loose, a little tingly and I was nice and relaxed. I had eaten a gummy just after that and it was Blue City Diesel so I can't really comment on the full effects of the Key Lime Pie.

    The Gorilla Glue has a much more vibrant aroma and was sticky like it should be. The Key Lime Pie should have been covered in trichromes but it wasn't. The Gorilla Glue was really nice. Really uplifting and energetic. Tasted great. Like citrus. Much more so than the Key Lime Pie.

    However, it was still not as fresh as I would have liked. I have family in Oregon and visit there often so I know what fresh top quality weed should look and feel like. Wifey Treats needs to step up their game in the quality department if they want my business again because the Harlequin and Northern Lights I sampled next from the other delivery service was truly top notch. The NL was sticky, tacky almost and smelled amazing. The Harlequin was also very fresh looking.

    So, overall the experience was great from start to finish. I took advantage of their 4:20 PM deal and saved $40 so the price was one of the best in the city.

    However, when I come back to town and shop again I'm probably going to use the other service because of the quality of their buds. Don't get me wrong, Wifey Treats buds were good but in this day and age with so many delivery services in town you've got to stand out.

    On second thought, I will give Wifey Treats another try but I'll just make sure I do it when they have fresher stock before I try them again.

    I am so grateful to just be able to leave this review for a service like this in DC. Good luck to you Wifey Treats. Thanks for contributing to the community. I'll try some of your food next time too.

    Business reply:

    Thank you for your feedback we really appreciate you taking the time to tell us what you think about our gifts. It is Wifey Treats

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    Great service! I will definitely shop here again!!

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