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We are the new premiere paper delivery service in the Washington D.C. Area.  We operate under I-71 and only take donations or give free gifts when you purchase some of our papers. We are happy to be sharing, spreading education and of knowledge...


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    Got a $50 8th that weighed 2.8 when I got home and "200mg gummy bears" that didn't do a damn thing for $40. Just avoid this overpriced trap at all costs. The counter service are disrespectful and treat you like your bothering them. It's an overall awkward and trash experience. Wait for any of the delivery services instead. I've given this place 7 chances trying to get my "free gift on the 11th visit" which has now changed to $20 off your 11th visit. All $20 will get you in this place is someone behind the counter looking at you like you're a piece of garbage. Avoid at all costs.

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    I don't know why everyone is tripping over this place. I was gifted a cartridge that although it was slightly pricey was actually good. I mean it's just too convenient and friendly. Good job!

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