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    Great communication/product/delivery time/etc

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    The weed is dank, smells strong as hell, and hits hard as hell. I got an o of blue dream and an o of golden goat, both were dope as hell and a good price.

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    I decided to try Bloomerz 130 oz deal. They did communicate through delivery, but after trying at least a dozen vendors, the quality of the Super Silver Haze has fertilizer burn (discolored) parts of flower and is harsh, and no a multi-year Cannabis Cup winner shouldn’t smoke and taste harsh. Doesn’t matter what kind of deal you’re offering if you’re dumping a growers mistake for medical quality that’s not medical grade! Some of you guys are going to get busted by other former growers trying to pass it off and they will call it out. You never know who’s going to try you!

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