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First Time Patients

For fastest response please TEXT Please text selfie with id in hand, both your face and id must be in the same picture


For fastest response please TEXT Any issues with product must be addressed within first hour after delivery, anything after that we can’t take responsibility because client may have used and forgot how much by then lol  

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    Awesome service, great prices, n great bud! They have always had what’s on their site, n if not, they make up for it, without having to spend extra! Good response time too

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    Another smooth transaction with the Bloomerz! I have made several purchases with them now, the product is always right, and they are always courteous and professional! I don't need to call anybody else.

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    Just wish the app was updated better that's my only suggestion. Sometimes app doesn't match menu or store hours.

    Besides that awesome shop. I've been to a lot. This has been one I've returned to. Try the glue. Its not gg4 its known as glue rare very rare strain for low.

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