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Welcome to Cannabeast! DC's newest dispensary. Cannabeast provides the best for its members. We strive to enhance the customer experience with one of a kind buds, exclusive products and highly trained staff. The menu is always...


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    Could not say enough about employee knowledge and the help received before placing an order. Would recommend 10 times over. The hulk berry and the chocolate Tai were above anything that could be expected. Throughout enjoyed the experience. Can't wait to order again. Delivery driver was prompt and kept me updated with ETA at all times as well. Would give more than 5 stars for everything if I could.

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    My girlfriend currently cannot smoke cannabis but can consume it. I've narrowed my search and found "CannaBeast's" deals for edibles. They have great deals. The sales rep was very knowledgeable and friendly. Their drivers were also very courteous and prompt. The entire buying experience was very pleasant and smooth. My girlfriend said their products are amazing, and from me looking at her, their edibles are very potent and great. I'll be ordering from them again!

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    This place is the most legit spot I’ve used on this site. Excellent customer service, the driver is always super friendly and understands I have some nosy neighbors, quick response and always quality bud. Dosi dos are my favorite right now!

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