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Max Delivery Time 1 hour within Washington DC $50 dollar minimum order. Please text us your full order. If you are looking to buy one of our deals please text us


We take pride in our products and the relationships we have with our members. We will never try to pass a low shelf product as a mid shelf, or a mid shelf product as a top shelf product. We pride ourselves on honest business and good...


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    The best deal for cartridges in town! Extremely fast. I can’t wait to try their flower.

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    These guys were great! I was a little late for my time slot but they were so patient and waited for me! I'm very happy with my purchase! And the edibles were on point! Gave some to my MIL so is recently diagnosed with cancer and she loves them, had a great appetite this morning! Thank u guys so much! I will definitely see u guys again! ♥

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    Great. Very friendly. They were a tiny bit late on my delivery and made sure to make up for it!

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