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DELIVERIES MUST BE PLACED 30 MINS PRIOR TO CLOSING FOR DELIVERY. Max Delivery Time 2 hour within Washington DC $50 dollar minimum order. Please text us in order to confirm your order.


We take pride in our products and the relationships we have with our members. We will never try to pass a low shelf product as a mid shelf, or a mid shelf product as a top shelf product. We pride ourselves on honest business and good...


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    My guys my guys!! CK hooked me up today. Put in a preorder last night for 8:30, they hit me before they opened to let me know my order was in and will be out soon as they open. My good man Felo was here 10 mins before expected time. If you’re not rocking with Capital Kush you’re missing it.

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    Before i order i asked i bunch of questions. The guy text me back very quickly and happily answered all my questions. The free pre role was actually pretty nice. Not what im use to getting from other places. Def will be ordering again.

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    These guys are awesome. Quickly delivered the order, super friendly, The manager I talked with was very knowledgeable and had no problem giving me my vetran discount. They even recommended a similar strain to the one that was out of stock. If you are looking for top notch service at affordable prices with great quality you have found them. Cant wait for my next order.Tthanks

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