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:::SPECIAL::: - 1st 2000 Members (free Gift ) For all new clients who wish to join the Real Exotic club you will recieve the following: VIP Gold CARD AND SERV


DC Exotic Club is a member only private club of cannabis connoisseurs who enjoy to share the culture and support the movement.   We sell  Stickers ,Ebooks and Shirts to support our club and continue to...


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    These guys are the real deal. The description and quality has been exactly on point. I couldn’t be happier with this business.

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    These guys are so professional, it's hard to believe this is the same plant I was buying in pizza shop parking lots five years ago. Then again, it's so much higher quality I guess it basically isn't! I've been running through the delivery services looking for the sweet spot of price and quality, and DC Exotic is the best so far. Look, the services that aren't crap here will all be polite and will all deliver pretty solid bud. But if you're looking for a higher quality experience from a customer service and product potency standpoint, call these guys right now. For example, some places here sell quality product that's mixed in with trimmings and small shakey nugs - you're only getting the quality material from DCE. If you're a sativa hybrid fan, try the Candyland ASAP!

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    Great service top quality buds whole team get 5 stars I’m come shop again soon I highly recommend y’all thanks for my package fam

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