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:::SPECIAL::: - 1st 2000 Members (free Gift ) For all new clients who wish to join the Real Exotic club you will recieve the following: VIP Gold card free gift for life


DC Exotic Club is a member only private club of cannabis connoisseurs who enjoy to share the culture and support the movement.   We sell  Stickers ,Ebooks and Shirts to support our club and continue to...


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    Probably the best company on here in terms of integrity, assuming you don’t order like an a$$hole. That being said, id say A+ service-fast and communication was great, price and quality let me tell you:
    I ordered with dce regularly about a year ago, before swapping on over to cartridges from Dabbers Club. I remember dce always having potency and probably the best specials in regards to their quality; maybe it’s just me with the quality because I’m from California; I see many donors wanting the cheap stuff since it’s flooded on wheresweed atm. I trotted into town with my 21st century horse aka car to give dce a ring for the 2 1/8 special to see if some ratings down there were bsing me. After wakey bake, and 2nd confirmation, id say these are some of the best cookies I’ve had in DC. Frosty, pungent, stinky awesome; get your guaranteed here. Deliver tag worth it as you’ll know what I mean with some of these run a round companies. Dce: be ready this summer

  • -3

    Really Good Gas. Best treatment ever

  • -3

    DC exotic is a hit I love their prices and their deals the ordering is fast the delivery was quick The other guys charge higher for underwhelming product sure they throw in gifts but their prices are high and you're stuck with some nasty stuff I'll be a customer for life thanks and keep at it


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    Business reply:

    We really appreciate the love and support and will always be ready 💪

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    Business reply:

    We appreciate the love try us again for your complimentary gift

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    Business reply:

    we really appreciate the love and loyalty please contact us for your complimentary Gift

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