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  • Hey what’s good guys just wanna start off by saying I appreciate HYFE and their service, buuut their selling HUFF, terrible weed. Their grading scale of AA,AAA,AAAA is way off and does not describe the potency of the weed AT ALL. I have tried many different strains like.. peach cobbler, glitter glue, animal cookies, Creme de la Creme, gorilla dosha, blueberry cookies, hot cakes, jungle mint, racing fuel and Malibu kush and they were all HUFF, REGGIE BUSH. Their over priced and they will not keep you high. Their best strain I thought N my opinion was the MOCHI, other than that everything was bad. I would recommend trying someone else before buying this over priced Oregino. Save time and a lot of money.

    SwadeLee9 reviewed HYFE
  • This is my 2nd time and trust me they got more of my business coming there way lol....Great Bud and Service

  • Very very rude on phone. Pictures are fake pictures from google. I’ve gotten a half from you guys three times. And today I ask about purple flowers and they couldn’t even tell me what of there had purple. They advertise 4 different flowers that have purple and they said none are purple. Horrible customer service. Horrible business and fake advertisement. Will never spend my money again with them.

  • This was my second time ordering the first time I ordered 4 different types of buds and my best one was purple punch so when I ordered the second time I just got purple punch and it was not the same as was I got before. I even saved some out of my first batch to compare and it was not the same. Its like y'all gave me some bottom shelf this time was not pleased at all.

  • As a veteran the carts have been a blessing for my injury. Thank you for providing quality service!

  • My first purchase with cloud 9 the quality is far better than any other service I've tried in the district! They have immediately become my go to. Plus the price is good, delivery is super fast and the people are lovely.

  • Ordered their bargain special and it was really great. Their AAA+ rocks, but this was really nice when I didn’t have as much. Everybody’s kind and helpful.

  • Look for another vender quality of suck here

  • Smooth, friendly transaction. My go-to!

  • Talk about service!! Great communication, quick responses, amazing products and a friendly delivery driver! A++++++++

  • Terrible customer service, delivery took over 2 hours and the responsiveness from the company was brutal at best. You’re better off ordering from someplace else’s if unless you have absolutely no plans or nothing to do for a 4 hour block. Absolute joke of a delivery service.

  • The bud was awesome . I like this company they are friendly and the cannabis is always right number

  • wow! best experience i’ve had with a company, and I’ve tried at least seven. First, I really liked the range of price options. Second the customer service was spot on. Got a quick acceptance of my order and they got the time right. A lot of places try to do an asap order when I place it for a day or two in advance, but not these guys. Lastly, the flower is gas. Crazy Glue smacks. Picked up a cheap ounce and it looks way better than anything else i’ve seen for that price. Also got a cookies cart and am impressed. I accidentally scraped the drivers car. i am so sorry. he was there exactly on time. i will be back to make up for it.

  • Best in town. Cleanest carts I’ve seen, top quality wax, and they gave me a free pre roll and a free pack of edibles. Highly recommend PromoCo

    PromoCo DC
  • Fast professional responding and willing to help!

  • The driver told me we would meet in 20 minutes. When I arrived at the meeting point, he said, it's another 20 minutes. I was irritated but willing to wait. I ordered the GSC $80 special for 1/2oz. The buds were brown, brittle & dry with no potency. Never again.

  • Friendly communication, fast delivery, beautiful buds! I tried the moby dick strain, and ghost train haze along with some gummy edibles. Delicious:)

  • amazing quality for a great price

  • First time buying from them GSC was just bad Quality a lot of stems and seeds it was just bad wouldn’t recommend

  • These guys are straight to the point, arrive just in time and at often times earlier than the requested time, and have the best quality of bud out of any place I've been to on here, looks just like the pictures as posted. I'm never shopping anywhere else again, you've earned yourselves a loyal customer.

  • Just ordered my 1st time using the site. Reefer Express was my first choice. They were on point with weight and quality. Highly recommended. Being a new person I was a little bit sketched at 1st try the service but I will recommend it to anyone. 👌👊👍

  • District Connect is an amazing service. I buy their premium, top shelf, and district specials, and have never been disappointed. I have a lot of experience buying in Colorado and Massachusetts dispenesaries, and the quality is equivalent. Delivery is usually punctual, the latest delivery was probably like 10 minutes. When they are busy, it can take an hour or so to confirm your order, but if you send a polite text to follow up they usually get back right away. EDIT: I wanted to add something because I saw where one or two people complained about their Girl Scout Cookies Ounce Special. I did think it was a little less potent than their usual ounce specials, but it was also priced less than their usual ounce specials. I have an extremely high tolerance, but I was happy with the GSC. I got it specifically to have a mild daytime smoke that would calm and relax, without making me tired or reducing functionality. The GSC does the job perfectly. I think a lot of times reviewers blame th

  • Been a user of WW for years now in DC, never felt compelled to leave a review until now. Excellent prices for the high quality buds you get, customer service in A+. PromoCO is now the only source in the district for me.

    PromoCo DC
  • Super friendly customer service and good deals. Definitely would recommend!


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