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Affordable, great quality flower and wax! 4108047687 text only please! FOR PARTS OF S.E. DC AND N.E. DC WE MAY ASK TO DO A PUBLIC MEETUP SOMEWHERE. THE SAFTEY OF OUR


  Affordable, great quality flower and wax! We are a small few person biz, we care about the customer. Something happens, unhappy? Contact us and we will make it right. In a industry that is turning towards making money only now, we differ...


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    I've been using wheresweed.com for about a year now to find delivery businesses in DC. I usually don't scroll all the way down on the page when I search for DC delivery businesses but this past Tuesday I couldn't find anything up top, no one would deliver to my location, so I scrolled all the way down and saw that DMV Cartel had a good score despite being all the way at the bottom of the page. On the fly I texted the owner saying could he hook me up with any kind of indica. I give him my locale (it's in a pretty sketchy area of SW DC, but it's the MD border) half expecting him to decline like the other businesses but he agrees! That was cool but where he really came thru was with his great customer service. He threw in a free gift, a free vape pen with indica cartridge!! I've never used this stuff so he gave me helpful instructions on how. All in all a perfect experience and I hope to do business with DMVC again very soon!

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    Man this dude is the best hands down ! Definitely a long time customer! Best in the DMV!

    Business reply:

    Thanks! Glad we could help you out!

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    Number 1 in DC. Great quality and dudes cool as shit

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    ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ช thank you!

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