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For our first time Patients we ask for a picture with you and your ID. By doing this, you will be locked in for future giveaways and promotions, while also receiving


  Affordable, great quality flower and wax! We are a small few person biz, we care about the customer. Something happens, unhappy? Contact us and we will make it right. In a industry that is turning towards making money only now, we differ...


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    Great product Speedy delivery. Thank you guys! A++++

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    After trying to many different services for O's I think this guy still remains at the top. I have no idea why I kept searching when I had a good experience with him. I guess the fear that I might miss on something better made me kept searching but this is definitely one of the best choices for O's in the $160 range.

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    Phil is such a nice guy! Very professional and his stuff is great quality. I will definitely be buying from him again as well as recommending him to all my friends! 10/10!!!!

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