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Affordable, great quality flower and wax! 2405053931 ext only please! FOR PARTS OF S.E. DC AND N.E. DC WE MAY ASK TO DO A PUBLIC MEETUP SOMEWHERE. THE SAFTEY OF OUR


  Affordable, great quality flower and wax! We are a small few person biz, we care about the customer. Something happens, unhappy? Contact us and we will make it right. In a industry that is turning towards making money only now, we differ...


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    This man always come through with the best bus! Always my go to my #1!

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    Absolutely fantastic service. Prices are unbeatable and the flowers are fire. 10/10

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    This guy supplies straight fire. Top Shelf items are always my preference. Knowledgeable and often suggests which strains you should try out.Text/call early though because his inventory can go quick on Fridays. Delivery can take a while at times especially if your out on the suburbs but it’s definitely worth the wait.

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