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First Time Patients

For any questions, please text our number instead of calling. We prefer you use our delivery partner at dreamydc.com


We provide the quickest delivery 24 HOURS a day. We accept all major CREDIT CARDS, making us the most convenient dispensary for locals and tourists alike. Please place your orders on our delivery partner site, dreamydc.com   Thanks...


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    Used their service abt half a week ago through the website (dreamydc), as my usual vendors were closed that day.

    Was gifted a 1/8 of strawberry field for 60, and must say I was not satisfied. The bud was frosty and smelled pretty fire, but I swear that I got at least 5 seeds from just a half g nug. I don't mind the occasional seed and wouldn't mark down quality for that, but the amount of seed in the strawberry fields was just ridiculous.

    I mentioned this on the dreamydc website after the order, but was not given a reply. Don't know if I caught them at a bad time, but definitely not a pleasant experience.

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    I used their website for delivery. Very easy to use. Quality was top notch compared to other sites in DC. Received a "motivational speech" with a free gift 😊 . Delivery was professional and timely. I got what I needed in 20 min! Definitely the best service I have received ordering in DC. No bs.

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    The quickest delivery in Dupont Area. They are the only dispensary I know of open 24 hours. Their web app is the most convenient I have seen in DC.

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