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Please send a selfie and government issued ID to our dispatcher to ensure safety for our drivers as well compliance with all laws in the District. If you enjoyed our services for the first time, please send over your 5-Star Review and receive a...



Expand your palette! Experience Washington D.C's premier, exclusive California Medical grade cannabis. All photos are authentic, and shot in real time. No false advertising, no disappointments. Visit our menu now, and get a taste of luxury and...


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    Look no further this is the best hook up EVER!!! I'm from out of state and these guy's are the real deal Holyfield! Wow guy's your exclusive designer level of weed is off the hook! I have been looking for this level of Quality of product for about 3 years and I have had no luck until now! We made 2 trips to see these guy's and both times it was easy to meet them, they were on time both times, it's easy to order, the menu is awesome and THE PRODUCT IS THE BEST IN TOWN! FYI I have smoked for 38 years and I am Happy every time I break this stuff out!

    Jim and Kirby from out of town.

  • 2

    These guys are the KINGS of this biz. Best bud at the best price, friendlier than your regular stripper and generous wit the gifts. I'm not ordering from anyone else cuz they have it all anyway. Dont go anywhere but Exotic Blooms - you wont regret it

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    Got some more flower from these guys today, and I was even more impressed with the delivery time than I was the last few times I've gone to them. Delivered to me within an hour, and even threw in a complimentary g which was very genuine, kind, and unexpected. I am never disappointed with this company. I also appreciate people who come off genuine, and you can feel that with these guys.

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