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First time patients are required to send a picture of their ID to verify that they are over the age of 21. 1st time patients are also given a free preroll of choice. Pick up minimum order is $85, delivery minimum is $100 (free delivery fee) ASK...



Welcome to PaqShaqDC. Your one stop shop for all your medical/recreational needs. We carry a vast variety of flower, concentrates, and edibles. Our menu is updated daily including our weekly and daily specials, therefore items you see posted as in...


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    to jwizzle101 ... my husband's 40 .. I'm 25 ... soo.. we guess he's the old head . we smoke the exotics .. I guess you youngin's dont know how to hustle or work apparently .. so you cant afford the good shit that's why you talking about what you got .. you get what you pay for . if you ain't got money hit them cats up down the block they got that cbd for ya . cuz paq shaq stay with the fire .

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    Go NO WHERE ELSE if you looking for Good Zaza at reasonable prices...Always what they say it is and always professional ..HANDS DOWN BEST IN THE CITY !!!!

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