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You must be at least 21 years old and have a state Issued ID. Feel free to stop into our store!


The Garden is an elite CBD (cannabidoil) store in Washington, DC offering premium CBD products and initiative 71 compliant gifting. Our CBD products include but are not limited to vapes, tincture, oil and rubs. Shop at our location today...


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    Limited selection. Sometimes just one yet of flower. No ideas no of when they will get more. They charge tax. Lost reward points because they switched their rewards program. I asked was told I just had to eat it. Lol. The place is okay when I'm in a pinch.... Otherwise, I try to leave it alone.

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    Looking forward to picking up my preordered gifts today, including Shark Cake and Alpha Blue. Great staff, great service, convenient location, quality product and very good prices for a brick and mortar location too!

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    The Skywalker OG does not ignite and explains why the donation price was so low for that product. It appears the flower has not been properly dried out, I’ve never experienced this with previous flower from the garden

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