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First time patients are welcomed


We are a dc based delivery service, helping patients all through the city with the medical needs our cartridges are 100% free of vitamin E Acetate free

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    Awesome Service. Cart was amazing and flower is always on point. Def recommend

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    Another great experience. Always top quality. Always good service. Always friendly drivers. I'm always coming back. You should too.

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    Decent product for a decent price, but, the last time I went through them it didn't work out so well. They asked if I could meet them somewhere since they only had one driver. I agreed, but asked to waive the delivery charge since it wouldn't be a delivery. They obliged, but it appears they took it out of my plug. It was 1g short. Checked weight 3x and even checked my digi with a nickel. Raised the issue to no avail. Not sure if I'll use again, but it will definitely be for delivery only.

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