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HighThereDC was founded with the vision to de-stigmatize cannabis by offering an accessible and welcoming shopping environment because a world where cannabis is legal and regulated is safer, healthier and happier. Our mission is to provide...


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  • 5

    Was fast answering and made sure I got what I wanted was a first time here for us but man with the deals this guy gives on wholesale and everything I will def be a return customer...delivery guy was actually pretty decent to ... Super good preroll backwoods too actually legit unlike other vendors and del people I been thru

    Business reply:

    We really appreciate you being a customer and sharing your experience with us. We’re here for you anytime. We hope to see you again soon -HT

  • 13

    Very knowledgeable vendor 🙌🏽
    Best quality of edibles I’ve had in a longtime!

    Business reply:

    Wait till our newer batch of edibles come in. -HT

  • 1

    I placed my order and got it in 15 minutes. Everything was totally on point. I have ordered from a place before that made me wait for three hours and sold me bogus product so this was very refreshing. It's nice to know I can go somewhere and get what I ordered with a good attitude from the driver and a quality to the product that matches the description when used. Thanks for being legit no bullshit high there! Everyone should at least use this service once and I feel strongly they will use it again. I know I will and I'm a bi polar person with chronic depression who uses thc to medicate on a constant. This is the bang for your buck that can be trusted!

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