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First Time Patients

High end quality have a great specials on vapes and all the strains for first time patients. First time patients can get free delivery and more. Contact us for more information on our extra special deals.


High end quality is a brand new company that is established with one major goal the Washington D.C. area, and that is to provide the best strains of cannabis. Me being a consumer of cannabis for almsot twenty years i have seen the cannabis world...


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    John doe says he got blueberry today with 2 extra pre rolls on the his house. Man it's huge big fresh nuggets. You guys have to support this shop their donation amts are beyond mind blowing. I am so thankful I'm coming back next week. Man that blueberry is so good I also donated for mimosa. Man you guys gotta try that j mean it...the blue berry is good but that mimosa bro....man....i feel like a pimp

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    First order, only took 1 hour and a half with great customer service. The man was kind on the phone, and so was the delivery driver. Haven't tried the buds, they look small but probably fire, the Banana OG cart is fire.

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    All I can say is WOW. These are some good people. Reached out to confirm delivery in my area. Once I placed the order I received a swift call confirming everything and inquiring about my choice of Meds. Didn’t have the strain I wanted but they looked out greatly. When I say they have just received a new customer I mean it. Meds? Fireeee! Cloud 9 typin. Big thanks again for the great service and less than half hour delivery to me. The whole process was smooth and everyone is very friendly. Thanks again!

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    Business reply:

    We are very ecstatic you enjoy our new strains. Our goal is to provide the best and high end quality product to our pateints. We look forward to hear from you soon.

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