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    Awesome company! First time I had a delivery and they even came right back out when I didn't put in my order right the first time with no issue, great product

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    Definitely order from these guys. Both the coordinator and delivery guy very patient and kind, and the product looks fantastic. Highly reccomended.

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    Ordered for the first time today and it was great, especially the communication. Not to mention the great products too

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    Good donation numbers for great quality! I tried my first sauces and budder from here. The flavors and scent are spectacular. Very professional, polite, communicative, and punctual.

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    I got the wax sampler special and some of their sauce and it is fiyahhhhhh!! Definitely will be coming back and using the coupon they gave me for my next order. Their drivers were early and communicated with me the entire time.

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    Top Notch Bunch of Budtenders

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    I tried their 3g wax sampler since I had never ordered from them before, I was really impressed with the speed of the delivery and quality of the wax. Would definitely recommend!

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