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All orders are confirmed via text @ 202-599-3000. We understand clients would prefer over the phone contact but texting is convenient to assist all clients attentively. We have a 1-hr window for deliveries to be completed in from the time the order...



Welcome all to the House of Cocentrates and Fine Flowers. We are a new service here to satisfy the Washington DC area. We specialize in top quality shatters, crumbles and wax. Our flower menu is consistent of our top private reserve indica, hybrid...


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    “OG LA Kush?! In DC?!! No way possible” was what I thought but man I’m stuck right now. Top notch service here and I don’t mind the price. Speedy service and top notch bud, what more can you ask for? Thanks guys you’ve got a new client in me!!

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    I don’t have big experience in delivery services in DC . But I try today buy party box And honestly I’m happy I can get everything in one order very professional customer service quick delivery and The biggest surprise you get good quality of product and new cards i never try that usually I order Bruss carts and heavy h. But cookies runz carts really strong πŸ’ͺ🏿

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    Great overall experience here. New to the city and new to my heart. These guys are attentive, courteous and that party box is serious!! I got the $400 party box and I got the indica/sativa mix. I’ll be back very soon :)

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