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DC Dispensary Reviews

  • I love this spot so much. Nobody can top these folks. Everything is great. Best place to spend your money.

    High Up
    Beanz92 reviewed High Up
  • Great 👍

    Hemp House DC
  • Another awesome experience! The only place I get my weed!

  • Been ordering from Full Spectrum for a while now, best in DC. Even the Low tier is gas. Only place I order from

  • Excellent response, service, and most importantly, top notch! Highly recommended.

  • Best place to shop around. They’re extremely quick and professional. Driver was able to meet me when i wanted and they had a address available for me even though i was coming out of state. Would recommend.

  • Fast service, great product 10/10 would come back.

  • Been going for awhile since moving to DC. Other than the last batch I got of Green House Runtz of Top Shelf wasnt it at all.. Everything to the driver is grade A though!

  • Best bud around! Really. I’ve tried a few shops and blazed dc is the only one that has good bud and I mean straight gasssss for a good price. There also very friendly and easy to talk to.

  • Absolutely amazing people. This is definitely going to be the top vendor in DC by the end of the year. I've visited quite a bit and made donations at multiple places but the quality, customer service and prices at Blaze DC demolish ANYTHING in the area. I'll never go anywhere else. ❤️

  • I ordered on a whim and was incredibly impressed! They deliver quickly, and are prompt with customer service. I appreciate how clearly they communicate with me, and they have no problem texting me and letting me know the status of my order. I love the gifts, and I'm super impressed with quality. I can't wait to order again!

  • Great until yesterday. Yesterday I apparently dealt with a "Newbie". No manners, didn't care about me as a customer. I thought the days of being ripped off on a drug deal were over. Try Dope City instead.

  • Answered very quickly. Nice and very professional. Totally recommend!

    CullyG reviewed JackPot!
  • Very awesome experience every time. Professional affordable and timely

  • Incredible menu - high quality & great service!!

  • CLOUD9 NUMBER ONE PERIOD...!!! Quality✅ Product✅ Service✅

    007 Bond reviewed Cloud9
  • Great experience both times definitely a forever customer

  • I’ve tried a few dispensaries in the DC area and I’ve never had one that I love as much as High there. I love the customer service and I love the easy ordering format. Love it

  • Good accuracy in estimated delivery time. Driver was kind and helpful. Pricing is reasonable. Will, surely, do business again and recommend to others.

    YanaJ reviewed CannaBeast
  • super good website and great customer service! cant wait to come back!

  • Cloud9 always super high quality for the price and the drivers are really great about delivery times. Always satisfied will stay coming back, thanks.

    acrylite reviewed Cloud9
  • Delivery drivers are so polite and punctual. Gabi is my favorite. My go to dispensary!

  • Yea, first off this place got some good tree. Ain’t going lie but they customer service is SUPER TRASHHH! Takes 2hrs to get a delivery and they will lie to you and tell you 20mins. SUPER unprofessional and just plain disrespectful to be honest. The owner called me and told me he is going to cancel my order because they made a typo and told me an earlier time. The owner did not take ownership for NOTHING and put the blame on me for complaining about they telling me it would take 20mins and it actually taking 2hrs. I will NEVER buy anything from theses unprofessional rookies in the weed business. Please just close up because you will not last in this industry’s

    Full Spectrum
  • New customer and so far excellent service and super fast no complaints over here, one of the best I’ll say!

  • I have had the pleasure of finding the best in the biz in DC. TOP SHELF, exotic....best prices hands down. Very generous throughout the business.

    Cheezncats reviewed FlyDC
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