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    They were courteous and on it. Had a great experience. Buds got me lit like heaven. Great company!

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    A great company with a lot of potential. Quality is top notch and their service is on point. Can tell they really care about their patients and making sure I was comfortable. Great prices, great service, what else do you need?

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    Paradigm Express is a diamond in the rough as far as I’m concerned - They provided me with quality product, exceptional service, and spot-on communication. The fellow I spoke to when I called couldn’t have been more genuine and friendly if he tried. Not only that, but he was knowledgeable about all the products on the menu and helped me narrow down my flower choice to the Indica-dominant hybrid, Komatoast. He eloquently explained which symptoms this strain would help to address and did so in a compassionate way. Upon receiving the gift of Komatoast, I almost became comatose myself by the beauty and purely soothing aroma of the nugs. The densely packed nugs sparkled in a beautiful amber hue, and when I sampled the product before bed I found that it achieved the effects I had desired when I spoke to the friendly fellow at Paradigm Express! So, this was an all around positive, welcoming, and genuine experience fostered by individuals who are trying to enhance our society with their service. For those first timers - I would give their approachability 10 stars if I could. Thank you again guys! I will definitely be seeing you soon!

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    Bravo paradigm express, bravo! These guys are the diamond in the rough. I've tried just about every "big league" service here in D.C. and they make them look like amateurs. What you see in the pictures is what you get here, top shelf A+ quality and insanely good prices. As someone whose used to Colorado style quality, these guys hit the nail on the head! Can't believe I lucked out finding them. They gave me the EXACT time they would show up, and they did! Not like other services that have you wait, without a text, oh about 90 mins! These guys have a golden ticket and know it. They truly are changing the paradigm of DC services. Keep it going boys, you just earned another regular!!

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    Very friendly and the blue diamond was a great deal for 150 dense dank nugs, I'm hoping to making it back soon to their gsc delivery was right on time great service 👍

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    Very happy and surprised with my gifts :) I got a free pre-roll on-top too. Easy and very professional experience. Def. coming back

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    High quality service and A1 nugs. I can be a west coast snob, but these gentlemen here know their product. Not only is the green top notch, but the delivery was quick. I would highly recommend Paradigm Express to all my quality seekers.

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    This delivery service checks ALL BOXES!!! Top Customer Service , Top Prices, Top Gifts!!!! Ladies and gentlemen these folks aren't "faking it till they make it" #TopATopTingsDem

    Thank You Paradigm!

    Business reply:

    Thank You, brother! Your gratitude is fully reciprocated; we are not here without You, and your encouraging words have blessed us with reaffirming inspiration and motivation towards a beautiful collective Present :) Eternally grateful for all You are~ Stay blessed always homie, You are it!

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