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ALL MENU ITEMS ARE GIFTS ONLY! $50 Minimum. We have high quality California and Colorado product . Menu changes frequently!


Formed in Washington DC under the Initiative 71.  Pink Panther DC was inspired by our teams love for the medicine and our passion for high quality service. We’ve managed to perfect the most efficient delivery service network in...


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    Talk about a good fucking deal! These guys are legit! Fast response! Great meds! Quick delivery! What else can you ask honestly ask for? Well I will tell you! Last time i ordered from these guys they hooked me up solid. They were a little later than they said (let me say a LITTLE late like it was no big deal what so ever) and they added an extra j! These J's are some of the best packed J's I have seen in DC. Really y'all need to get these guys to hook you up! They are legit!

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    Great deals and customer service!! Very informative and have good options. Looking forward to trying more from Pink Panther

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    My phone got screwed up( dropped it in a puddle) and I missed these guys called. They went the extra mile and met me way late and was able to complete my order. Did not want to be late to friends party. They have fantastic customer service. Will definitely do business with them again.

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