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    Disappointed to say the least!! I frequent several vendors,I wouldn’t recommend this place just sloppy business and product shows. Search on my friends!!

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    👍👍good stuff

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    First let me say the price was good for a oz but the quality and knowledge of strain was bad. The ORANGE KUSH smell and taste bad like a k2 no bs. I texted them round 11ish to ask bout it of course the only reply i got was we don't sell k2 and that strain was a special becuz of its low quality. Something i feel should b states thru out alot of these vendors i notice some vendors give u the THC and other contents of strain. I text this am asking to trade of and pay a difference for a better strain and i get no reply. Didnt ask for refund on money just a trade out for sumthin better smh lesson learned

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