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    Okay so I'm going to leave another review because you guys reached out to make things right. I have been screwed over and treated terribly by other services and none of them made up for it. It really means a lot to own up to your mistake and reconcile. Look forward to giving you guys another chance!

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    I normally don't write reviews if I have a bad experience but this is an exception. My order was supposed to to take 90 minutes and like just about every other service I expected it to take a little longer than that especially with it being Saturday. But over 3 hours? That's too long especially if there is a delivery fee. That being said everyone was very friendly and communication was quick very quick placing the order but after that they dropped the ball. Bud quality is pretty darn good. Probably won't be back though.

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    We do apologize text the dispatch number let us offer you a free gift on your next purchase.

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    Lls switch up? You sold huff my man plain nd simple. You didnt bring what was on the website fool, period. Ima write it here so mfs can see

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